Chase the Race 2016 Curriculum

The election process is a unique opportunity for teachers and students to discuss the democratic process, elections, important issues, history and game changing moments. Envision has developed an engaging multi-faceted, scalable curriculum that aligns with C3 and Common Core standards to help students better understand the importance of civic engagement.

This free curriculum includes:

  • A core Campaign Simulation and supporting resources
  • Monthly classroom resources and videos
  • An Educators Guide
  • An online training video to help you optimize the use of this curriculum

During the Campaign Simulation your students will analyze past election results from key states as they simulate a Senate campaign. Students collaborate in groups of 5-8, taking on the different roles that make up a campaign staff. For each state there will be two Senate campaign teams, each campaign team will represent either a progressive or a conservative Senator from a specific state. Throughout the 10 modules, students will simulate different aspects of a campaign. The number of states you have campaigns/elections in will vary based on the number of students participating in the simulation.

Get started today!

  • The Educators Guide provides instructions to help you facilitate the campaign simulation in your classroom. Free Download
  • Breaking News samples can be used throughout the simulation to enable your students to react to news that might impact their campaign strategy. Recommendations on where to incorporate these samples are noted in the facilitators guide for your convenience. Free Download
  • Throughout the campaign simulation, students will discuss four key issues, including economy, energy & environment, healthcare and national security. The Policy Research documents give your students the background information needed to create their platforms. Each key issue has 4-6 supporting documents. Free Download
  • Each month, new Lesson Plans will be released to further support the experience in your classroom.
    • Campaign Advertising: The first lesson plan introduces students to political advertisements giving them the ability to identify the eight major types, and to debate how advertising influences the issues and candidates’ campaigns. This lesson can be used in conjunction with the Campaign Simulation or as a stand-alone lesson. Free Download
    • Picking POTUS: This lesson plan is all about how the president gets elected — from declaring candidacy to making it through the primaries/caucus to the convention. Free Download